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How is the medical check for immigrating to The US?

Updated Time 06 Jun, 2020, 09:21 (UTC+08:00)

Medical check is one of the mandatory procedures in the US immigration record. Have you ever thought about the process of exam health settlement in the US like?

Firstly, you have to prepare a complete the medical record of immigrant America including:

  1. An appointment letter for an interview issued by the National Visa Center from the United States with a case number received by mail or email;
  2. Confirmation page of all applicants;
  3. Passport original;
  4. 2 photos of 5x5 cards, photos taken on a white background and not yet photoshop. Requirements must be clear of face, ears, nose, mouth and must not be written or erased, must not be stamped, not creased, photos must be taken within 6 months;
  5. Vaccination form of the International Health Quarantine Center or copies of previous vaccination records, if any.

How is the medical check for immigrating to The US

Medical check for immigrating process includes 2 steps:

Step 1:

You need to bring all required documents to the clinics allowed by the Consulate. After 2 days, you will receive the result and it will be valid within 6 months. If there are any problems with the results of the medical check, the doctor will recommend appropriate treatment. Items to be examined include:

  1. General physical examination;
  2. Lung x-ray;
  3. Testing for syphilis and sputum (to detect diseases related to the lungs);
  4. Testing the TB response for children aged 2-14 years;
  5. For people over 50, an eye exam is required.

The following diseases will not be eligible for visa: tuberculosis, leprosy, sexually transmitted diseases, …

Step 2:

After a physical examination, you need to be vaccinated at the International Medical Quarantine Center. Different types of vaccines will depend on the age and condition.

The vaccines that must be vaccinated are:

  1. Polio;
  2. Tetanus;
  3. Mumps;
  4. White blood cells;
  5. Flu;
  6. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B;
  7. Rota virus;
  8. Pneumococcus;
  9. Rubella disease;
  10. Chickenpox;
  11. Encephalitis;
  12. Pertussis.

Before that, if you had any vaccinations, you need to bring proof of identity to confirm.

Medical check immigration to the US is one of the initial parts of the process of getting a US visa. In addition to medical examination, customers need to meet a variety of other relevant documents. For more information about US visa applications and to learn more about the US immigrant investor program, you can see here:

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