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Golden Visa Program: Start a new life in Europe

Updated Time 27 Feb, 2023, 17:29 (UTC+08:00)

Enjoy the European living standards for a lifetime, to the fullest

Among many ways to get residency,investing in a Golden Visa program can be a game-changer, as it unlocks a pathway with unlimited potential for investors and their families. Except for substantial investments which could limit applicants to the wealthy only, these programs are considered the world’s most reliable and beneficial in the long-term. If you have already known about them, then definitely the Portugal Golden Visa Program would top your mind. In case you are seeking residency in Europe, this article is for you. We will look into the best Golden Visa programs in 2023, with requirements of investment and benefits to help you pick the most suitable.

Enjoy the European living standards for a lifetime, to the fullest

What is a Golden Visa program and is it worth the money?

A Golden Visa program allows individuals and their family members to get residency in a foreign country, notably within Europe with a sound significant investment that is adequate to support the host country’s economic growth.

Many people who once applied for a Golden Visa program would say it is the most complete residency option, without the least confusion in process and little change in policies. It is investment-based, so there is a wide range of choices that investors are obliged to spend depending on preference and financial ability, from buying real estate, government bonds to funding a specific business sector. The only concern (not for the nobles), may be the vast amount of investment.

Some needing only residency will find it reluctant to pay for a Golden Visa program, while this in fact, costs for their top-tier benefits in return. If the budget is anywhere around 200,000 USD, equivalent to approximately 187,000 EUR, then a random Golden Visa programis out of reach, as for Greece 250,000 EUR is already the minimum amount. Excluding non-refundable application fees, some individuals going with their family clearly would reconsider other affordable alternatives, even the Caribbean citizenship options for lower costs.

However, taking into account the long-term issue, you will find the Golden Visa programactually worth spending. The business people and high-net-worth individuals now change their taste in investment: spend more to get full convenience that benefits their money making, even the future of their families and next generations, not just residency. That results in their seeking to diversify the portfolios, like the assets will increase in value or the returns should grow sustainably and are influential. With this changing perspective, the second passport obtained from investing in a Golden Visa program could help, as it is among the world’s highest ranks which definitely brings back the same benefits as a citizen.

What can you expect before applying for a Golden Visa program?

Before finding yourbest Golden Visa programs, it is important to skim through and evaluate the key requirements in advance. For instance:

1. Eligibility

This is like the entrance to keep only the people who are serious and committed to apply for a Golden Visa program. Due diligence may be enhanced, which requires proof of income level, language proficiency, clean criminal record, etc. to prevent corruption or worse, money laundering.

2. High investment

AnyGolden Visa programwill require a larger amount of investment compared to all other residency options. It can range from hundred thousand dollars like Portugal, Cyprus, Greece, etc. to several million dollars like the U.K, of course along with corresponding benefits.

3. Fairly fast processing

Not as fast as 30 days or 1-2 months, a Golden Visa program may take around 4-6 months to be approved. However, since the investment contributes significantly to the host country’s economy, unless your chosen Golden Visa program requires more documents and due diligence, it might not take up to a year.

4. Visa-free travel

Every Golden Visa program will allow visa-free travel to more countries than other residency options. It could be up to 185 countries, including the Schengen area, the U.K, the U.S and Asia region, thanks to the strong passport. This makes flying in and out easier and more convenient, which to some extent can open new business opportunities.

5. High quality of life

Investing in a Golden Visa program can provide access to a high-quality of life in some of the most desirable locations in the world. This can include access to top-notch healthcare, education, and cultural amenities in European standards, as well as a safe and secure environment.

High quality of life

6. Attractive tax implications

For investors to come and do business in the country, the government will allowGolden Visa program approved applicants to access the favorable tax treatment. This can include reduced tax rates, exemptions for foreign income, and other incentives designed to encourage investment and economic growth.

7. Potential ROI

Some Golden Visa programs offer the potential for returns on investment, either through rental income, sale of the initial real estate or dividends from funding a national business.

Obtaining a Golden Visa program can be a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor, which requires you to carefully research and evaluate different options to make smart picksfitting your individual goals and future path. By choosing thebest Golden Visa programs, you can start a new life in Europe, fly around the world, enjoy benefits like the host country’s citizens, and future-proof your investments against political and economic instability. 

The Best Golden Visa programs in 2023

To immediately choose one among many Golden Visa programs can be a difficult task as each has its own attractive benefits. That is why you need to stay up-to-date on the top options available. Here are some of the best Golden Visa programs that are worth your consideration.

1. Portugal Golden Visa

This is probably the world’s most successful Golden Visa program until now. Application is direct and easy with two options: buy a new real estate priced at least 500,000 EUR or buy and rehabilitate one priced 350,000 EUR, with specific location requirements. Investors can obtain citizenship after five years of residency. Want to know more about the Portugal Golden Visa before it closes soon?

2. Greece Golden Visa

Ranked second is the Greece Golden Visa program - the option with the lowest investment threshold required: only 250,000 EUR for newly bought real estate. Besides, more ease in due diligence allows investors to process faster, just around 2-3 months, except for maintaining the real estate to keep the residency. You may be one of millions of people interested in the Greece Golden Visa.

3. Malta Golden Visa

Also called Malta Permanent Residency Programme (MPRP), this Golden Visa program is a highly attractive program that allows investors to obtain residency in just one year, in exchange for a combo of investment up to more than 300,000 EUR including real estate, donation to the Government and funding an NGO. One can also apply for citizenship after that without spending more. Looking for more information about the Malta Golden Visa?

Malta Golden Visa

Whether the Golden Visa program can provide you more attractive benefits and stronger passports than you can expect, it is still important to be mindful of your money. The best Golden visa programs in this case, besides satisfying your investment goals, must bring peace of mind and convenience. What you should do is contact a reputable Golden Visa program provider, and make your dream of internationalization happen.

Global Immigration Services Group Limited (GISGL) is one of the most reputable and trustworthy service providers of the best Golden Visa programs, like Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. We have experience in consulting the suitable option for clients while delivering back exceptional results. Our dedicated team is ready to support you until your specific needs and requirements are met. If you want to know about each Golden Visa program we are offering, please click here.


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