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Service Fees
- Obtaining the tax identification number of the applicant;
- Opening of the applicant's individual bank account;
- Due diligence of the property, promissory contract of purchase and sale, final contract, public deed and registration;
- Assistance in the application of the Golden Visa;
- 1 family reunification (FR);
- Assistance on the renewals of the residence permits of the applicant + FR at the end of the 1st year; at the end of the 3rd year and at the end of the 5th year.
- Assistance on the request of the citizenship of the applicant + FR.
Extra for Person/Property €1,000
Renewal/Residence Permit €1000/person/year
Request/Portuguese Citizenship €1000/person
Extra Person/Property €2,500
Capital transfer
Portuguese bank account, €1,500,000
National scientific and technological system €350,000
National cultural heritage €250,000
Investment funds or venture capital funds €350,000
Property acquisition
A real estate purchase €500,000
A refurbishment of properties older than 30 years or in an area of urban regeneration €350,000
Transference of capitals to incorporation of a company or the reinforcement of the share capital and create at least 5 job positions €500,000
Creation of a minimum of 10 new jobs  
Legal Fees €8,000
Minimum Share Capital  €1
Must have a bank deposit  €5,000
Fiscal representation from the 2nd year €300/year
Constitution of the Company €360
Residence Permit €70,30 per person
Request for a personalized specific name for the company €75 (approval within 10 business days) or €150 (approval within 24 hours)
Appointment of a Certified Accountant +/- €250 (month)
Minimum remuneration to the corporation manager (mandatory) €600 (month)
Minimum Social Security contribution €208,5 (month)
Mandatory labor accidents’ insurance +/- €200 (annual)
Proof of means of subsistence for purposes of Residence Permit (personal bank account) € 7,200 (equals 12 Portuguese minimum wages)
Proof of means of subsistence for purposes of Family reunification of the spouse or children
over 18 years of age
€3,600 (equals half of 12 minimum wages)
Proof of means of subsistence for purposes of Family reunification of children under 18 years of age €2,160 (equals 30% of 12 minimum wages)
Legal Fees €6,000
Fiscal representation from the 2nd year €300
Residence Permit €70,3 per person
Verification of minimum wage  €600 (Applicant)
Applicant + Spouse: add 50%  €300
Minor child: add 30%  €180
*Add GIS professional fee for each type of visa: €27,000 for main applicant , €36,000 for applicant + spouse and €1,800 for each additional dependant.

GIS Club

There are four rank levels of Global Immigration Services membership. Advance through three elite ranks when you meet qualifying criteria. Enjoy elevated rewards and experiences throughout your journey. Explore the benefits for all levels. Earn and redeem credit points for our services.

Earning points

Earn Credit Points on qualifying purchasing of services. You’ll earn credit Points for every eligible U.S. dollar spent.

Using points

Spend credit points directly for your invoice. 100 credit points = US$ 1.


Investors hold Portugal Golden Visa will have the opportunity to own a US E1 Visa or E2 Visa

Why do many investors prefer to choose Portugal as a gateway to enter Europe?

Why the investors are concerned about immigration program of Portugal?

About Us

Global Immigration Services Group (GIS) is an Immigration Services Provider focusing on Second Citizenship by investment programs & Residency Programs.

We offer a variety of Second Passport options including but not limited to; Caribbean Citizenships such as Saint Kitts & Nevis, Grenada and Dominica. European Second Citizenship by investment programs inclusive of Cyprus and Malta. As well as other Residency Programs such as Portugal and Greece...

Our selection of established and well-respected Developers, excellent Government Relations and Caribbean Contacts makes us the obvious choice for all your Citizen & Residency needs.