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Why do many investors prefer to choose Portugal as a gateway to enter Europe?

Updated Time 20 Mar, 2020, 17:38 (UTC+08:00)

For many years, Portugal has always had a special attraction for investors. According to statistics, in the last 4 years, over 3,500 people on average have been granted Portuguese immigrant visas every year. Investors often prefer to take Portuguese citizenship through the Golden Visa program, and most of them come from China, Brazil, Russia and Vietnam. Why is the Golden Visa program so attractive to investors?

1. Reasonable investment

For the Golden Visa program, investors only need to invest a minimum of EUR 350,000 to purchase real estate. Permanent resident cards will be issued to investors within 3 to 6 months from the date of application.

1. Reasonable investment

Portugal only requires citizens to reside for at least 7 days in a year. Thereby, Portugal is creating very good conditions for investors to get permanent residents in this country.

2. Opportunity to live and work in Europe

After receiving the Golden Visa, investors can live with their families and become legal European citizens after 5 years of investment. The tax policies in Portugal for citizens are also extremely attractive, helping to increase the accumulated asset value of investors and their families.

2. Opportunity to live and work in Europe

3. Freedom to move and live in Europe

Owning a Portuguese passport gives investors and their families the freedom to travel, study and work in Schengen countries. Besides, they can freely travel to 185 countries without visa requirements. For this reason, the Portuguese passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world.

4. Learning opportunities for children

Children of investors are entitled to 100% free education at public schools until the end of high school. Thereby, helping their children access early to modern education with advanced facilities. Last but not least, helping their child develop better thinking and orientation for the future.

4. Learning opportunities for children

5. High quality health system

According to the statistics and research of Health Consumer Powerhouse the European health care index (EHCI) of Portugal ranked 14th out of 35 European countries. This ranking is assessed through indicators such as health benefits, access to health systems, diversity of health services, coverage of the health system, etc.

To achieve this result, The Portuguese government has been working hard to establish and run a comprehensive national health system since 1979. As a result, the average life expectancy of the Portuguese people was increasing and maintained at over 80 years old.

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