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5 interest things about Malta

Updated Time 03 Apr, 2020, 12:00 (UTC+08:00)

Malta is a European island nation, located in western Italy, eastern Tunisia and located in a tropical climate. Malta has an area of ​​just over 300km² and a population of around 500 thousand people. Despite being a small country, Malta has a lot of interesting things which attract tourists and settlers.

1. There is a fascinating history

Known as a nation of golden sunshine and blue sea, Malta has a long history with temples (such as the Ggantija temple) which experts consider to be older than the Egyptian Pyramid. Malta has countless historical buildings with Roman imprints in churches and castles created by the knights of Malta.

1. There is a fascinating history

With a long history, Valletta - the capital of Malta owns many museums such as the National Museum of Archeology, The Knights Hospitallers, …

2. Valletta - the ancient city in the heart of Malta

In addition to the beaches and resorts, the capital Valletta still preserves the Baroque architecture and guarded buildings, creating a very typical architecture for this place. It is also the filming location for many of the Hollywood blockbusters. The long-standing historical and cultural values ​​that create timeless beauty for Valletta.

3. Malta is the capital of fireworks

Malta has countless people passionate about fireworks as an integral part of their spiritual lives. From small competitions to big events or festivals, fireworks are always an integral part of festivals. Visitors to Malta on festive occasions, especially the late April fireworks festival, will witness spectacular fireworks displays.

3. Malta is the capital of fireworks

4. Malta is the mecca of festivals

The festive seasons of Malta take place all year-round. That helped the people here have a more optimistic spirit. Coming to Malta, visitors will have many opportunities to participate in colorful and exciting festivals in this country.

Most festivals are held in the summer. You can immerse yourself in festivals from religion festivals, fireworks festivals, to cuisine festivals ... Depending on the festival, the streets and buildings are decorated with distinctive colors. Special culinary festivals are strawberry festival, orange festival, olive festival and wine festival.

5. "Mecca" of the filmmakers

Views of Malta have always appeared in the world's famous films like Gladiator, Game of Thrones, Jame Bond. Famous studios that you should visit when coming to Malta are: Streets around Valletta Street, Comino Observatory, San Anton Palace.

5. 'Mecca' of the filmmakers

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