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How It Works?

Malta Process & Timeline

*These fees are subject to change. These information should be used as a guide only. The payments are valid for one applicant.


Step 1 Preparation Time

Pass initial due diligence checks and engage to proceed with application.

Sign GIS service agreement, pay a retainer and receive citizenship application package.

Collect required documents, and complete all government forms. Select qualifying real estate (if applying with real estate option).


Step 2 First Payment

Upon receipt of application package, GIS will check it against requirements. At this stage, GIS will ask you to pay for GIS professional fees in full (minus the retainer amount already paid), together with all government submission fees.


Step 3 Application Processing Time

Upon receipt of the fees, the funds will be remitted to the escrow account and the submission of the application and fees will be coordinated by GIS. At the same time, GIS conduct property search and arrange the contract. Upon signing the contract, GIS prepares your application as well as other supporting documents necessary for obtaining Maltese citizenship. Applicant must fulfill 12-month residency requirements during this period.


Step 4 Get Approval

The Citizenship by Investment Unit shall carry out due diligence tests on all applicants and shall return to their decisions. This is one of the following:

1) Approve

2) Deny

3) Delay for Cause


Step 5 Make An Investment

Once you have been notified by letter from the Government of Malta that your application was accepted, you can make your investment in the government fund, investment in stocks (bonds) and complete the payment on your selected real estate property/renting property.


Step 6 Receive Citizenship Document Package

Certificate of naturalization, permanent resident card (if applicable) and passport.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

1. Can EU citizens apply for the Malta Individual Investor Program?

Citizens of EU countries can apply for Maltese citizenship under the Individual Investor Programme.

2. Which nationalities are not eligible to participate in the MIIP?

Currently, the policy of the Maltese Government excludes from applying individuals who are nationals of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), or are non-nationals but reside, do business, have significant ties with, or connections to these countries. Citizens from countries included in the US Travel Ban also cannot apply. The full list is presented below:

  • Afghanistan
  • Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  • Somalia
  • South Sudan
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Yemen
  • Venezuela

MIIPA reserves the right to update the list of banned countries from time to time. Such list will be communicated with all Agents accordingly.

3. Do I need to know Maltese and do I need to take a citizenship test during the process?

The Maltese language is not a requirement for naturalization and no citizenship tests will be carried out at this time.

4. Can a person apply directly to Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency?

MIIP applications can only be filed through the services of the Concessionaire or Accredited Agents duly appointed by Malta Individual Investor Program Agency. These are listed on the Malta Individual Investor Program Agency website.

5. Can I hold dual citizenship if I have been Naturalised as a Maltese citizen?

Yes, you can hold more than one citizenship after having been naturalized as a Maltese citizen. Malta recognizes dual citizenship, however, your current country of citizenship may have restrictions.

6. Will children born to naturalized parents automatically become Maltese citizens?

The acquisition of citizenship occurs on the date of the issue of the naturalization certificate. Children born before this date will not automatically become Maltese citizens. Children born after this date can become Maltese citizens.

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