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What is the reason why Vietnamese prefer to take Grenada Citizenship to Settle in the US?

Updated Time 20 Mar, 2020, 16:51 (UTC+08:00)

For a long time, the citizenship program of Grenada was interested by many investors when it was a country that provided extremely attractive civil rights. Getting Grenada citizenship is also a stepping stone for applying for an E2 Visa in the United States. So what are the reasons why many investors choose Grenada nationality?

1. Wonderful country

The people of Grenada are extremely friendly and sociable. People always greet each other when meeting and behave extremely politely.

Wonderful country

Grenada still retains the pristine beauty of the island kingdom. The people here are always conscious of protecting the island's beauty. The scenery here is beautiful with blue sea, white clouds, golden sunshine and the hills covered with trees which create a cool and pleasant atmosphere. It is not exaggerating to say that Grenada is the paradise resort of Caribbean. The climate here is also suitable for Asians as the temperature ranges from 23 to 30 Celsius degrees.

2. Citizenship program investors can get citizenship quickly

To own Grenada citizenship, investors can choose to either contribute to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) or invest in real estate. With the plan to contribute to NTF, investors only need to spend 150,000 USD to pay for an individual or 200,000 USD for a family of 4 members. With a real estate investment plan, the investor needs to buy real estate worth at least US $ 350,000 and own it within 3 years. Government-approved real estate projects include hotels, villas and resorts.

Citizenship program investors can get citizenship quickly

3. Visa exemption to 143 countries

Residents of Grenada can freely travel in 143 countries. Among these countries, Vietnamese interests in China, the United Kingdom, European countries and many important economic and tourist centers in the world.

4. Trade and Maritime Agreement with the United States

Grenada is the only Caribbean country that has a quick citizenship program and owns a Trade and Maritime Agreement with the United States. Thereby, Grenada citizens can easily apply for a US E2 Visa after a short time of investing and doing business in the US.

Trade and Maritime Agreement with the United States

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