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Overview of Germany insurance services in Germany

Updated Time 08 May, 2020, 15:08 (UTC+08:00)

For investors intending to settle permanently in Germany, in addition to the economic policies that support investment, it is essential to learn about the health system in Germany. Let's find out general information about German health insurance service with GIS!


How many types of insurance in Germany?

In Germany, there are two types of insurance: public insurance (GKV) and private insurance (PKV). The common public insurance companies in Germany are AOK, TK, Bamber, DAK, BKK, and IKK. Popular private insurance companies include HanseMerkur, Concordia, DBK, Mawista, Care Concept.

Since 2009, every person with a permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany has an obligation to buy health insurance. Even for short holidays in Germany, you still need to have health insurance, otherwise you will be denied a visa.

Are insurance costs expensive in Germany?

Generally, the cost of public insurance depends on the level of income, while the cost of private insurance depends on the health status and age of the insured.

By law, the price of public insurance is equal to 14.6% of total income and usually the employer will pay 7.3% and the employee will pay 7.3%. For the most part, the benefits of public insurance companies are identical, but each will have a few additional benefits associated with ancillary costs.

What is the level of insurance coverage?

In particular, public insurance companies will pay for all costs related to illness, examination, hospitalization, surgery, childbirth and basic vaccines. However, for some other services, the insurance company only covers partially. For example, public insurance companies will cover 75% of the annual Gym fee, 50% of the dental scaling fee, or the HPV injection fee for women under 25 (TK) and under 18 age (AOK).

Public insurance usually will not cover for the costs associated with beauty services, such as: beauty treatments, beauty salons or natural therapies.

For private insurance, there are many different fees from basic to special rates. The health benefits of using insurance will also vary. At a basic level, private insurance can be compared to public insurance, and at a special level, the patient will have the right to choose a treating physician, choose a hospital, a hospital bed, or assistive healing devices.

When using private insurance, you will have to pay first and then send an invoice waiting for the insurance company to cover. As for public insurance, you do not need to pay for medical care. You only need to bring your insurance card, all your medical expenses will be paid directly to the doctor by the insurance company.

In short, once you live in Germany, you are required to have health insurance. Whether public or private, after having health insurance, almost all of your medical expenses and hospital expenses are covered by the insurance company.

When living in Germany, you will not have to worry much about the cost of medical care, if you unfortunately have health problems. Although the cost of paying monthly premiums is not cheap, the benefits you enjoy are immense, especially when you have serious medical conditions. This is also a great advantage of the health insurance system in Germany for those who settle and live here.

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