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Important notes for US EB-5 Investors

Updated Time 18 Feb, 2020, 11:17 (UTC+08:00)

According to 2017 statistics, Vietnam has the second largest number of immigrants to the US due to successful EB-5 visa investment. So what are the important considerations when investing in an EB-5 visa?

Important notes for US EB-5 Investors

Understand the financial conditions and capital structure of the EB-5 project

From the first steps, investors need to understand the capital structure of EB-5 mobilization projects including equity, EB-5 loans and high-end loans. Accordingly, the safety ratio is higher when the ratio of equity to total capital contributed to the project is high. The reason is that when the project developer has accounted for most of the capital contributed to the project, the project owners will focus on speeding up the project to ensure high profitability on the project. Thereby, it helps the receipt of green cards easier.

Project complete time

For investors, complete time of the project is important. This is when the project begins to generate cash flow. From there, the return for the project will become feasible after this period. However, under the EB-5 program, the investor must keep their investment at risk, in other words, the investment is still being invested in the project while the I-829 petition is approved. Otherwise, the Regional Center and the project owner will reinvest the investment if the investor does not receive the green card.

Consider project valuation

In order to ensure the feasibility of the return, investors should consider the valuation of the project after completion by reviewing the valuation records. Therefore, compare the valuation of projects with the initial investment value, and consider the ratio of loans to the total capital at low levels.

Select the right consultant

In order to participate well in the EB-5 immigrant investment program, investors need to cooperate and share legal documents with the consultant to have the right direction. Investing in the United States is not only an investment opportunity but also a turning point for your family's future.

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