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Greece - The bright spot of hope between the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe

Updated Time 12 May, 2020, 09:36 (UTC+08:00)

Greece has long been considered the most problematic member of the European Union through events of financial crisis, corruption and political instability. Therefore, Greece did not have a positive view of the ability to respond to Covid-19. However, the reality is proving the opposite.

Greece - The bright spot of hope between the Covid-19 epidemic in Europe

In the center of the pandemic, Greece created a "miracle" when it controlled the disease much better than other countries in the EU. Although Greece is a country with an aging population in the EU region and a country with a seriously weakened health system after the crisis, the number of deaths and covid infected cases is lower than other EU countries.

Greece has implemented many strong epidemic prevention measures. Specifically, in less than 24 hours after Greece recorded its first case in Thessaloniki on February 27, the government immediately canceled the annual Street Festival. Two weeks later, Greece continued to close down the entire schools, restaurants, all the places that were crowded and no travel was allowed.

Greece put all incoming travellers on a two-week quarantine to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Violators will be charged 5,400 USD. Even anyone who is scheduled to move out of the home must notify the authorities.

Now Greece is literally celebrating and waiting for the day the economy will reopen while other EU countries are struggling to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic.

After more than a month of imposing a national blockade, on April 28, Greek Prime Minister announced plans to release social distance measures and prepare to bring business activities back normal.

To this end, the Greek government has quickly taken measures to isolate the community and to constantly strengthen the health system right after the virus outbreak. Consensus from the people is also an important factor to help the Greek war against Covid-19 achieve much success.

Currently, Greece only records nearly 2,700 nCoV infections and 148 deaths. Belgium, with the same population size, has more than 51,000 cases and more than 8,400 deaths.

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