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4 types of business Vietnamese used to invest in USA

Updated Time 14 Mar, 2020, 11:57 (UTC+08:00)

According to statistics, the Vietnamese community in the US has about 3 million people and mainly doing business in certain services. So what are the common business types of Vietnamese people in the US?

1. Restaurant or cuisine business

Vietnam has been famous for typical foods and drinks such as pho, vermicelli, bread, coffee, etc. These foods have always been the favorite delights of the American people. Seizing this opportunity, many Vietnamese living in the US have strongly invested in restaurants to bring Vietnamese culture to the US.

The most crowded areas of Vietnamese cuisine restaurants are the culinary backstreets in California. The night markets here also gather many typical restaurants such as Cali Banh Mi, Van Bakery, Pho 54, Thuan Kieu rice, etc.

2. Franchise Restaurants

In the US, franchise restaurants business is considered as a safe investment. The reason is that when franchising by well-known partners, investors do not need to care about developing standard procedures and other things like marketing.

Franchising also shortens the time it takes to open a store and start a business. Through that, investors can operate the business easily and achieve profit in a short time. Famous franchising brands in the US are McDonald’s, Ups Store, 7-eleven, Dunkin, etc.

4 types of business Vietnamese used to invest in USA

3. Nail spa or nail service

One of the most famous jobs of Vietnamese in the US is nail service business. According to statistics, up to 80% of Vietnamese living in California do nail jobs with a total turnover of up to 8.5 billion USD. The reason is partly because nail apprenticeship only takes about 4 months to receive certification. This means nail students can start working or opening their own store in a short time

Thanks to the development of the nail service, other accompanying services developed such as nail furniture supplier, nail chemicals, nail equipment supplier, etc. Because of the ease, the Vietnamese community favored the nail service.

4. Spa service and beauty treatments

Vietnamese people are always high skilled in beauty services from makeup, skin care, hair care to spa. Besides, the kindness and devotion is always a big plus for Vietnamese beauty care services in the US. Most Americans who come to Vietnamese beauty salons have good feedback about the service. Thus, building a good image for beauty service brands of Vietnamese people in the US.

Spa service and beauty treatments

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