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Global Residence - Malta - FAQs

1. Who can apply?

Adults over 18 years of age, with the exception of nationals from EU and EEA countries, Switzerland, Afghanistan and North Korea, are eligible to apply.

2. Who qualifies as dependants?

The spouse/partner of the Main Applicant; unmarried and economically dependent children of the Main Applicant and/or their spouse/partner; and parents and grandparents of either the Main Applicant or of their spouse/partner. Adult dependants must be able to prove that they are not fully economically active and are principally dependant on the Main Applicant.

3. Do parents or grandparents applying have to be above a certain age?

No, there are no age limits.

4. Can household staff be eligible as dependents?


5. In the case of an application for the entire family, are there additional fees?

€30,000 covers the Main Applicant, their spouse/partner and any unmarried economically dependent children. Parents and grandparents of the Main Applicant and/or their spouse/ partner are required to pay an additional € 5,000 each.

6. What is the validity period of the Residence Certificate and the Residence Card?

The Residence Certificate does not expire. The Residence Card is valid for 5 years.

7. Can an applicant open an account in Malta?

An applicant may open an account at his/her discretion.

8. What is the procedure for buying the Qualifying Investment?

We, as your agents, will put you in touch with a qualified stockbroker and/or banking institution.

9. Is the Beneficiary required to retain an investment portfolio for longer than 5 years?


10. Can the Applicant take a loan to buy the Qualifying Investment?


11. Does the asset requirement change according to the number of dependants included in the application?


12. Not many people keep cash in a bank account for a long time; they may have investment in property, security or business. Can the Applicant be present a security/investment portfolio and/or property appraisal and/or company financial accounts?

Yes, these documents are acceptable as long as they are issued from a reputable company or an official entity.

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