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Citizenship - Vanuatu - FAQs

1. What is GIS ?

Global Immigration Service Limited, a designated agent appointed by the Vanuatu Government under the Development Support Program (DSP) to provide professional advice to applicants and process passport applications . It is a licensed consultancy business legally registered

2. What is VDSP ?

Vanuatu Development Support Program which began 13 March 2017.

3. What is the first thing I do ?

Contact us if you're interested in obtaining a Vanuatu Passport

4. What is a FIU Check ?

It is the first important government check that determines whether your application can proceed or not. The check is done by the Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit which is linked to Interpol on any financial adversities such as legal cases, court orders or criminal activity.

5. How much is a FIU Check?

USD 5,000 non-refundable. If your result is non-adverse, it means you are clear and can go ahead to sign a Service Engagement Agreement with PSCVL.

6. What do I need for a FIU ?

Your valid passport, police clearance and USD 2000 which you need to send to us.

7. What is a Service Engagement Agreement ?

A contract between the GIS Agent (Designated Agent) and the applicant or sub-agent.

8. Can I proceed if my passport has expired?

No you need a valid passport for the FIU check and to continue thereafter if the result is positive. A validity of 6 months or more is recommended.

9. Where do I find application forms?

All forms are provided upon request. You are required to fill them up and we can assist you as well to ensure you provide all necessary documents according to the checklist we provide you.

10. How much are the Vanuatu Passports?

They vary according to the number of applicants however we will provide a quotation before we proceed. If both parties agree then the Service Agreement will be signed accordingly. For an idea,these are minimum selling prices set by the Vanuatu Government to regulate and stabllize market pricing

11. What are the terms of payment?

Upon a clear FIU check (non-adverse) and signing of the Service Agreement, you are welcome to pay for your passport in full 100% if you can however, 25% deposit of total cost is required first and 75% balance of payment after you receive the Initial Confirmation in Principle from us endorsed by the Commission.

12. How long does this process take ?

30-60 days maximum or 1-2 months. You can speed up your application by making sure that all documents are valid and correct and sending them as soon as possible with your application. For a more detailed step by step, click on this link

13. What if my documents are incorrect or falsified?

Like most countries, false improper documents are not accepted and carry penalty. The penalty for a false declaration discovered in the process is an instant cancellation your application with NO REFUND of whatever you have paid. Honesty is the best policy.

14. What is an Initial Approval in Principle?

After checking that your application is complete we lodge your file to the Commission. The first check is done by the Screening Committee. If the file is clear, they issue an Initial Approval in Principle of your application which we will give you to show you are clear and required to pay the balance of 75% (if not already paid in full at the start).

15. How do I get my Citizenship Certificate and Passport?

There are 2 ways. You can fly to Vanuatu to take your Oath upon which you will be given your certificate and passport or you can do your own oath overseas but pay for the local Immigration Officer to deliver. For this, a quotation will be provided upon request for the officer's travel, accommodation and charges.

16. What happens if I don't pay my 75% balance remaining?

After 90 days your application is cancelled with no refund.

17. What are the benefits of my new Vanuatu passport?

You are now a citizen of the Republic of Vanuatu. Your Vanuatu Passport that is renewal upon expiry, a child and any resident dependent of the person or his or her spouse are entitled to Vanuatu Passport, renewal upon expiry. You are visa-free to 135 countries including all of the European Union. Vanuatu is a tax haven country with no income tax, no corporate tax, among other benefits.

18. How do you communicate?

Please see our contacts below including email,website, skype, WeChat and What'sApp. We are here to serve your requirements.

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