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Citizenship - Grenada - FAQs

1. Why does Grenada have a citizenship by investment program?

The program was introduced to promote economic growth, attract real estate development, increase foreign direct investment to the country, support the development of infrastructure and provide for a sustainable future.

2. How many visa-free countries can I travel to as a citizen of Grenada?

You can travel to more than 143 countries without requiring a visa, including the EU and Schengen countries, China, Hong Kong and Singapore

3. What is the processing time?

Processing your application should take from 3 to 6 months.

4. Who can apply for citizenship?

To apply for the citizenship program in Grenada, you must be at least 18 years of age, be of a good character with no criminal record, and have good health.

5. Do I need to submit a separate Grenada Citizenship by Investment application for each family member?

No, this is not necessary. Spouses and dependent children up to 25 years can be included within the same application.

6. Do I need to speak English to apply for citizenship?

You don’t need to speak English to be an applicant.

7. Who can be included on the application?

Your dependent children under 28 and dependent parents over 58 can be included within the application.

8. How do you conduct the due diligence and vetting of applicants?

There are no interviews. However, all applicants undergo rigorous screening prior to consideration by the Citizenship by Investment Unit. Complete files will be forwarded to an international, unbiased third party due diligence service provider who will conduct detailed background checks on all applicants before the application is approved.

9. What happens once my application has been accepted?

A certificate of registration of citizenship will be issued and submitted to the passport office. Your authorized agent/representative will forward your passports and Citizenship Certificate to you.

10. Do I need to travel to Grenada to complete the process?

The application process can be made from your country of residence. Once your application is successful and you have received your passport, you must travel to Grenada to take your oath or affirmation of allegiance. You are entitled to take up full-time residence in Grenada at any time you wish.

11. Does Grenada recognise dual citizenship?

There are no restrictions on dual citizenship in Grenada.

12. For how many years will my passport be valid for?

The passport will be valid for a period of 5 years and is renewable for a period of 10 years thereafter, provided that the requirements are met, which includes spending a minimum of five days in the country during this period after becoming a citizen.

13. Why should I choose Grenada as an investor seeking second citizenship?

Grenada is a beautiful country. It has a growing economy and a stable government. It’s a member of a number of international economic and inter-governmental organizations such as the Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) and the Commonwealth of Nations. The Grenadian government offers attractive investment opportunities, a tax-friendly regime, and does not require physical presence during the application process nor residence after you become a citizen.

14. What is the Commonwealth of Nations?

The Commonwealth of Nations used to be known as the British Commonwealth and is now often just called “the Commonwealth.” It is a worldwide, intergovernmental organization with 52 independent member states. As a Grenadian, you have automatic travel and other benefits throughout the Commonwealth

15. How do I benefit from Grenada being a member of the Commonwealth?

Grenada citizens can travel visa-free throughout the Commonwealth. Also, when traveling abroad, you can expect the protection of all member states’ embassies and commissions anywhere in the world. Being that Grenada is a small country, there may not be a dedicated consular office in certain countries, but citizens can seek help as needed from British, Canadian or Australian offices.

16. Are there any educational benefits of Grenada citizenship for my children?

All public education in Grenada is free for children up to 16 years of age. In addition, St. George’s University is internationally accredited and is considered to be the world’s best offshore United States University. It has medical, veterinary, as well as arts and sciences schools. St. George’s medical school graduates go on to train at some of the best hospitals in both the United States and the United Kingdom. St. George’s currently has 6,000+ students from more than 140 different countries.

17. How long will it take before I receive my new passport?

You can apply for your passport once your citizenship is approved - it will be issued within a few days.

18. Can I be sure that it will be renewed after the 5 years?

As long as you remain a citizen of Grenada, your passport will be renewed. The law guarantees a passport to all of its citizens.

19. What is the economic outlook for Grenada?

The Grenadian economy is expanding in sectors including tourism, agriculture, construction, and manufacturing. The currency is stable and tied to the United States dollar. For more information on that, please, visit the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

20. How can I be sure of my investment in Grenada real estate?

Investments can only be made in a Government Approved Real Estate Project. At GIS, we regularly visit the island and vet projects first-hand so that we can give you sound and current advice on the best projects and reputable developers. We will help check the contracts on your behalf, pick the best units that can be rented or sold after the holding period and negotiate the best package for your needs.

21. If I sell my investment do I need to renounce Citizenship?

No, the citizenship is yours for life.

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