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PayPal evaluates GIS as a great partner, because of its high quality of service and the potential of international clients.

Updated Time 03 Aug, 2020, 16:14 (UTC+08:00)

As one of the leading companies in providing online Visa and immigration services, GIS always looking for an international partner who can provide safe, convenient, secure transaction methods, and confidentiality for all customers. Through a long time searching, GIS has decided to cooperate with PayPal - one of the prestigious international payment brands, which meet all of the criteria that GIS desires.

PayPal evaluates GIS as a great partner, because of its high quality of service and the potential of international clients.

Over the years, when making payments via PayPal, thousands of GIS customers have completely trusted and satisfied with the quality of service from PayPal. GIS has achieved continuous growth over the years, with hundreds of transactions per day. It can be said that GIS has brought thousands of its customer’s high-quality services, and a perfect international payment method.

Through time, follow the development of PayPal, GIS has found thousands of new customers. That has contributed to improving the brand and reputation of PayPal in the international arena.

As a business success (successful business) story, PayPal places great value on GIS in providing customers with a convenient, secure, and transparent way to pay. The quality of service and the number of international payments each day of GIS is one of the interesting and typical success stories of PayPal. The capabilities and values ​​of GIS are always highly appreciated and trusted by PayPal.

Therefore, Paypal has chosen GIS as one of the important partners because of its excellent service quality and potential customers. GIS's story is officially posted on Paypal's website and communication channels.

Customers of GIS can view details through the link:

GIS and PayPal will be committed to continuing to deliver the best services to customers and trusted partners. Along with the trust of PayPal, GIS is committed to improving and perfecting the quality of service in the future to bring customers the best service experience.

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